Warm Home Discount payment deadline this weekend - your guide

  • 28 March 2019
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Warm Home Discount payment deadline this weekend - your guide
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Updated on 24/09/2020 - This years Warm Home Discount application window has now closed, but you’ll be able to pre-register for this years now! More info here


If you’ve been accepted for the Warm Home Discount this year, you’ll be receiving the credit by the end of this week! You may be wondering how you get this credit onto your meter…. don’t worry, it’s nice and simple.

Typically your credit will be added to the electricity meter (unless you specifically requested it to go onto your gas meter in your application).

Traditional (non smart) meters

The credit will need to be picked up as a message from any PayPoint, and to get it onto your electricity meter, you’ll just need to top up at the PayPoint 3-5 times. You’ll need to go to the same PayPoint each time, and you’ll need to make these top ups are made on a different day each time to get the message on the card.

So you’ve got the message on your key now, to get it onto the meter, just insert the key and leave it for about a minute until it says ‘token accepted’. And that’s it, an extra £140 on your meter!

If you requested it on your gas, just do the same: top up once a day over 3-5 days, but with your gas card instead. Once the message is on the card (the receipt should say ‘message received’ or ‘message on card’) take it home, pop it in the meter and hold the A button. The balance will update and you’ll be £140 better off!

Here's a more detailed guide

Smart meters

If you have a smart meter, it’s even easier, we simply add the Warm Home Discount directly onto your meter. On PAYG Standard you will be able to see this on their In Home Display. You’ll get a communication from us telling you when the payment goes on.

There’s more general information on the Warm Home Discount here

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