Switching to Boost - Why has my supply been cancelled?

  • 23 June 2019
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I am majorly confused at the moment - I am in the process of trying to switch to Boost - Everything was going well, I have been checking the process often. I got my keycard and key - got told I was connected and to use them to top up.
Then the installation engineer cancelled and asked to reschedule - ok thats fine - reschedule it and all of a sudden the page displays that my electricity switch has been cancelled but its dated back on may the 23rd - they said they have sent an email explaining why but I have had nothing at all stating a reason or even saying it has been cancelled - and I've been topping up with the card and key since the 10th of this month.
What on earth is going on? 😞

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Hi @FerretDragon ,

I've made some slight changes to your topic to make it more visible to other forum users possibly having the same issues.

From what you've described, it sounds like your old supplier has raised something called an 'Objection' to your electricity supply being switched over to us. Suppliers do this when there is an issue with a customers current account, usually reasons of debt or contract breaking. We don't get the information of why the supplier has done this, however it will prompt us to send you a communication to let you know somethings gone wrong.

More on objections here.

All you need to do is get in contact with your current electricity supplier and see why they objected. If all is OK, pop us a call on 0330 1027517, between 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday and we can try and take over the electricity again for you.

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After speaking with someone on Facebook on Sunday they assured me that there is no issue and that this is an error. I had already had emails from my old company saying sorry I was leaving.
But this person on FB was certain it is an error and that I am already on supply with Boost.
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Well that sounds positive @FerretDragon !

Hopefully there is nothing to worry about then and welcome on board!

All the best
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And now I have an from EDF Stating it's taking longer to switch than expected - which means everything wasn't fine as I was advised. Supposedly I don't have to do anything though but yikes is this stressful.
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@FerretDragon I'm not sure what you mean here? Can you detail this a little more so we can offer further support please?