Refer a Friend FAQ

  • 4 February 2020
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Refer a Friend FAQ
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Updated 05/01/22 by Jess_Boost


Our Refer-A-Friend scheme was paused on 17/09/21 due to current energy market conditions - Read more about these on our FAQs.

What’s the Refer a Friend Scheme?

Boost offers a great referral scheme to reward both existing and new customers, where existing customers can refer their friends/family at any time!

Remember: Boost customers can only refer for Boost and not any other brand.

There is no limit on the number of rewards a customer can get, so get referring!


What’s the reward?

Both the new customer signing up and the existing customer get a voucher as a reward.

The main scheme will provide new and existing customers with a £25 e-voucher which can be used with, either, Amazon/Argos or Tesco.

We do offer promotions over the year where the value increases from £25 to £50 and with more options of where you can spend the voucher! 


How will I get the reward?

The reward is sent in an email up to 30 days after the new customer has come on supply.

Customers can only get the reward if they have an email address.


Can I refer myself at other properties that I own/am liable for?

No, customers cannot refer themselves, as Boost’s systems will recognise that the names are the same on both accounts and decline the referral.


How long after joining Boost do I have to claim my Refer a Friend voucher?

You should complete your referral when completing your sign up with us. If you don’t have the details available at the time of sign up then we will honour your referral up to three months after your supply start date. 


My friend got their voucher,  but where’s mine?

If you didn't get your email from Boost it might be because your email security filters blocked the comm or because the email ended up in your spam/junk folder.

Always check here first before reaching out to Boost about this!


It’s been 30 days and I still haven’t received my reward!

All rewards are sent 30 days after your friend switches across to Boost. Not getting the reward might be because of the following reasons:

  • The referral wasn't done properly or missed some important information..
  • Boost may have temporarily ran out of vouchers, but are ordering more!
  • You may not be eligible for the reward (you referred someone to another brand, or yourself at another address etc.)


There’s something wrong, how do I sort this out?

If you’ve not got your voucher from us, after the deadlines have passed, you can chase Boost for an update through these routes:

A boost agent will get back to you with an update on your voucher as soon as they can!


Enjoy your vouchers and get referring!

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whats happened to the refer a friend there is no active button to do it?

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Sorry for any confusion, @mrslewis.


Unfortunately due to the difficult conditions in the energy market right now, we’ve taken the decision to pause our Refer-A-Friend scheme. Apologies for any confusion caused by this forum topic, we’ve now updated this to reflect the current situation.


We’re hoping to reintroduce this scheme in future so keep your eyes peeled on this page as we’ll be sure to update the advice given here when this changes. :thumbsup: