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Our Prices are changing

  • 3 September 2019
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We’re having to change the price of our unit rates and standing charges, due to changes in operating costs, and we wanted to give you a heads up.

You should have received an email with the details of this change on the 1st September, which also confirms the exact new prices, which vary from region to region.

The new prices will take effect from 1st October, which gives you enough time to think about your options moving forward! Here’s a list of the changes to be made, in case you missed that email we sent:

Electricity: The price per kWh of electricity is increasing by 2.3%. To put this into perspective, if you use £635 of energy over a year, this would increase to £650.

Gas: The price per kWh is decreasing by 6.6%, meaning if you use £604 of gas per year, this will be £564

Standing charge - Gas: This is increasing by 23.7%, meaning the £105 per year you previously paid will go up to £130.

Standing charge - Electricity: This is decreasing, by 11.5%. This means what was £116 over a year will now be £103.

Don’t forget the help that we provide, alongside the Warm Home Discount, and the Energy Saving Top Tips we do on a weekly basis! You can also gain £25 credit for referring friends and family!

So, what do we think about this latest increase? How do we compare with other suppliers now?

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