• 5 July 2019
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How come I was told that boost is not part of and also how come I was not informed about the standing charge upon sign up

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Updated 24/09/2020

Hi @Chris Dodds,

I've made a few minor changes to your question, so that its more accessible for users to find in case this can help them too.

Boost is an energy supplier and has no connection to MoneySuperMarket whatsoever. MoneySuperMarket are a third party broker that offers comparisons in different products and services for customers.

It sounds like you may have switched to us through this third party rather then directly, of which you should've been advised of all the charges. This is something Boost would've advised you of upon switching.

You may wish to take any issues or concerns up with them if you feel mislead in anyway!


I didn't join you guys direct yes it was through a third party then why are other companies telling me that I was conned into joining boost why do companies have to be so competitive and try destroy each others gas and electric we as the customer just want to buy gas and electric not get involved in companies waring with each other banging on our doors we should not be put under pressure and stress just so energy companies can make more money off people on low income I don't know which company to pick thank you for replying
I meant destroy each others reputation