Long phone queues when calling Boost - why, and what can I do?

  • 30 January 2019
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Hi I've been trying to get in contact with customer services now since 10.30...via email and phone ..I am currently in a 3hr wait call...I disconnected so topped up now it's on vend mode with no gas and electric ive had no email or txt how to reconnect now have 3 small kids home from school all freezing ...any help appreciated


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28 replies

Today I have been disconnected, and I am unable to reconnect as my meter isn't responding as it should. I have currently been on hold to the so called "emergency" number for 25 minutes. We have no gas in our house. Very unimpressed by the poor service. What can I do - we have two kids freezing in the house?
On Friday nite I topped up my gas card and when I tried to put it in my meter the meter said call help. So I rang and you sent an engineer out he reset my meter but informed me I’d need a new card which obviously I’m not happy about as there’s £10 credit on my card that I can no longer use. So I tried all day yesterday to get through to someone on the phone to no avail. And today the call centre is closed. The credit the engineer left on the meter is almost gone and I have 3 kids to keep warm bath and cook for which all requires gas. What can I do? And can I get my £10 credit back? As I’m now out of pocket for nothing. I’m very disappointed with boost
Ttrying to get in contact with boost is a joke every time i try all I get is you will have to wait an hour before you can talk to someone i have been waiting for over 6 months to get my smart meters no communication at all engener been out twice all I get from him is you need a smart meter second generation was told it would be fitted in October last year still haven't heard nothing all so trying to register for cold discount but have to wait to long to speak to someone it won't let me register for online because I don't have smart meters trying to phone them is a joke it's so bad I will be moving to a new supplier
202minutes in queue?!?! Is it a joke?
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I Topped up £20 on my gas on Friday still waiting for it to show up on my meter, terrible customer service, tried phoning it's an 85 minute wait....pathetic.
Why is no one answering the phone i need to arrange a power supply i have to move in 6 days
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Hi I've been trying to get in contact with customer services now since 10.30...via email and phone ..I am currently in a 3hr wait call...I disconnected so topped up now it's on vend mode with no gas and electric


Updated 23/09/2020 - Our phone lines returned to normal around March/April when we employed and trained more advisers to take care of the phone calls. I'm happy to say our wait times haven't been anywhere near this since!

In case of emergencies over the weekend, check out our FAQ here!

I'm so sorry, @Shelly747 we've been super busy helping Economy Energy customers all this week. Not a good time to contact us and we're doing everything to help all of those calling in ASAP.

As you've topped up your smart meters and they show 'vend code', that means they're ready to be reconnected. Press A, A, B on the meter's keypad to reconnect each meter. More info here

For anyone else calling up looking for advice, thanks for your patience. Whilst you wait, have a look at the help resources online. Other topics here on the forum or Boost Help!


So i have just been told that i have a 220 minute wait in the queue on the phone trying to talk to someone????
I think this company should have had all these thing's sorted out before they were up and running, maybe you need to pay more staff to answer the phones or something?
So i have been sent a new gas card, and a new electricity key, and i have activated them and have been using them for the last two weeks or so. Can someone please tell me what Boost do next after they have sent you the card and key? Like how long before they actually come and change the meters over, and give you the little box that sits on the kitchen side to tell you the energy you are using? because i am disabled and live alone, and have to always try and get someone to go to the shop and top up for me since my husband left, and i would not have bothered with all this changing around if i didn't need to be able to top up from my phone from home.
Not great service so far Boost, you should not be changing people's supply until you know that you have someone to change their meters over at the same time.
Please can someone tell me what i am waiting for, it's embarrassing asking people to do this for me all the time!
And Boost, you should not be giving us questions that we may want to ask you, to the right of this page, you should be sorting all those things out? I have never had to wait this long to change suppliers and meters before, and would not be at all surprised if i find you trying to answer questions from Gloria Hunniford etc on the tv sometime soon.
You do not have enough staff working for you, in all sections of your company it seems!
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Yes that is what I did and was rejected ..they sent email out to my old adress even though I updated the new one weeks ago which I sign in with...Yes busy but I think 10hr wait to talk to someone who fixed the problem in seconds is ridiculous and disgusting 3 small kids and a defrosted freezer
I need help 3days no heating on hold for 3/4 hours thrm cut of got someone yesterday who gave codes that dont work ? Its freezing
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So far 3hrs 55 min trying to get through!!! Still not through ?????
I’m new I’ve top up my electric because it gone out but no electric has come on what do I do
I have been trying to get through to boost my meter disconnected and I’ve topped up and well into credit but tried the usual stuff to reconnect meter but keeps saying rejected. On hold for almost two hours to boost. What’s going on????
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Topped up but has registered on smart meter
now have no gas,trying to get through on the phone is a joke.
my next step is to contact my local paper as to let others know not to change their energy to boost.🤬🤬
I have been transferred to boost from EE. My contract started on 30th January 2019 and the letter stated that i would receive the new key no later than 2 days before the contract the key should have arrived before the letter, but i still have not received my new key, so i am unable to top up. I still have credit left over from EE fortunately so I am currently using it up which will also mean i will have no refund left cos i'll have used it up.
I have sent 2 emails which have not been answered. Tried calling 4 times with waiting times of 155 mins, 172 mins, 179 mins and 93 mins. Refuse to wait that long and can't afford the cost of the call anyway. My credit will be used up within the next 3 days approx so what do i do then? I'm all electric I refuse to use the old key as i will lose any credit on the key and any credit on my meter. This is what the letter says anyway. Not to top up with the old key once the contract starts.
Absolutely furious. I have disabilities. Not much better than EE really.
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Topped up and it’s not registered on my smart meter. so now no gas
next thing to do is to contact my local newspaper to warn people about changing their energy to boost.
Trying to get through on the phone line is a joke.....🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬
I’m having the same problem I topped up on the app but electric meter won’t reconnect keeps saying rejected
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So i have just been told that i have a 220 minute wait in the queue on the phone trying to talk to someone????

Hi @debbyjo09 - I've moved your posts over here - more info above.

I had my bank account compromised last week and need to “top up” paying temporarily with a new card. There don’t seem to be any instructions for this, or any help on any fora.  And I’m told I have a 41 minute wait to talk to a person.

I’ve been in GP lockdown since March so can’t go anywhere.  I really feel these long waits are disgraceful for such an important service, show a complete lack of respect for customers.   I’m going to see if I can change suppliers as soon as I can, but being partially disabled that doesn’t help me now.  Any suggestions?

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It’s not great to hear this @Laurabelo 

Boost’s busiest days are on Mondays, so call queues are a little bit longer than average on these days due to the backlog of the weekend.


If you check out this link here, it will explain how you can add a secondary top up card to your MyBoost account.


Hope this helps,


Why can I not get through to the phone lines ?? Been in the queue for 2 hours already!

Disgrace I'm the same finally got through she put me on hold 46 minutes and then cut my call .... fuming

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We’ve been really busy over the last week, @Gemma1204@Bellamafia75, we really appreciate your patience. If you need urgent help we recommend holding the line. Whilst you wait, have a look at the help resources online. Other topics here on the forum or Boost Help!

You can also pop us a message on Facebook or Twitter


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I got hanged up on 7 times today after waiting 30-45 each time i rang. Im off supply, the 8th guy arranged an emergency meter change and the engineer is not here.


Boost is crap. Dont know why I kept them when i moved into this property.