Issues getting a new electricity meter

  • 7 December 2019
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Found that I couldn't charge my electricity key on 29/11/2019 because it was faulty and as a result went off supply, an engineer was sent out and replaced my meter, I was told a new key was being sent out to me, no key arrived and I rang back to enquire why not, I was told there had been a mix up this resulted in myself being off supply again on 3/12/2019 from 8 am till 9pm.


Then another engineer turned up and again replaced the meter, and eventually, a key arrived in the post but would not work in the meter so I rang back on 7/12/2019 I was put on hold on 2 occasions and cut off. I asked to speak to a manager and again was cut off eventually I was able to speak to someone who told me they would send another key which would arrive on 10/12/2019 which would leave me off supply for more than 24 hrs. I obviously informed them this was unacceptable, her solution was for me to ring on the 9/12/2019 and they would again send out an engineer. I told them this would be impossible as my home phone would not work without an electricity supply her solution was for me to ask a friend or neighbour.


I am on long term disability a fact that I have told to every single person I've spoken to at the call centre in South Africa, I live in a rural area, and there are no PayPoint's that stock replacement keys within reasonable travel distance.


So now on Monday 9/12/2019 I again will wake up to find myself off supply.


Some call centre staff have tried to help whilst others have put me on hold for extended periods of time then blatantly hung up hoping I'd go away. It seems beyond ridiculous that my meter has been replaced twice when it was only the key that needed replacing. In desperation, I've even contacted both Boost and Ovo on facebook and they couldn't help either.


In the meantime, I've had food go bad spent a lot of money in phone calls and had to travel to use friends phones, I have asked the call centre to update my telephone number on numerous occasions only to find out they haven't bothered.


I also asked if I could speak to someone in the UK as I didn't think they were trying to help me, I was told this was not possible, I was also told I could use any other energy suppliers key in my meter something the engineer who attended my property told me was not true.


Please, I implore you to do something to rectify the situation, this was never my fault in the first place it all stemmed from a faulty key, my health worker has told me to contact Ofgem but I put this state of affairs before you first.

3 replies

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I appreciate your frustration @Rich H


We edited the title, not to take away from the issue, but to make it easier for other users to find your topic. The simpler we make the title means that more users can find the content and answers to similar issues.


Hope you got your problem fixed,


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How convenient that you’ve changed the title to make it look less damaging to Boost, may I suggest you retitle it `Incompetent Boost call center’ or `Ridiculous company procedure leaves customer off supply’

“Issues getting a new electricity meter” just doesn't  cut it .

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Hi @Rich H, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble getting your meter, or key, sorted.


I hope you don’t mind, I’ve formatted your post a little, so others can find it easier.


I’d just like to confirm that you can use any electricity key, as long as it’s blue or black, but we ask you to try not to take a British Gas key. So it doesn’t have to be a Boost or OVO branded key, I’m sorry if you’ve been misadvised.


I really hope you can get this sorted, but if you’re unable to, here’s our contact details:


0330 102 7517 - open 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm Saturday - typically takes 72 hours to get a response.

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