I've just moved in and found a Boost key - what do I do next?

  • 1 September 2018
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I’ve just moved into a new house and it has a boost key in the metre from the previous tennents. I’ve never heard of boost and I’m unsure of what I should be doing? Do I need to register as a new tennant? Is it a ‘smart metre’?
(I don’t really know what this means)
can I use the app?
Many information would be much appreciated.

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Updated 17/09/2020 - More info here.

Hi @Dollmoodie as you've a key in the meter I assume you don't have smart meters, so won't be able to use the app.

You'll be best off reaching out to the Boost customer care team during office hours where they'll register your account. They'll be able to send you a link to see if you can have smart meters fitted, so you can use the app. The customer care team can talk you through the process which is straightforward and hassle free. 

The number is: 0330 102 7517 - they're available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. The team take emergency off supply calls between 6pm-8pm in the week.

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thanks ever so much for your reply, I’ll get to the customer care team.

Bin it and find another supplier this lot are cowboys!

Hi! I recently moved into a house which gas is supplied by boost. 
It’s a traditional top up gas card, however I was told that I don’t need to make an online account since I just take it to the shop and top it up.

is this right? Just because even with edf which is a prepayment card I still had an account. Just double checking, thanks 

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Great question to ask, @Laurenc.


I’ve moved your comment over to this related topic as the best answer above confirms:



As you've got a key meter I assume you don't have smart meters, so won't be able to use the app at the moment.

If you’ve been in touch with the Support Team already you should have an account registered in your name. In order to gain access to the online account or Boost app you may be able to request a smart meter upgrade here or by getting in touch with the team - quickest way to reach them is via our webchat which you can access here.


Hope this helps clear things up - Do pop back if you have any more questions about getting smart meters installed. :slight_smile: