I still haven't received my new electricity key - What can I do?

  • 4 May 2020
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ok so i tryed topping up my old meter. turns out doesnt go past 49-50 pounds and the meter didnt recognize it so phone calls ensued on the 3rd or 4th attempt, iam given a code n 50 pounds of the 100 i put on there is successfully ..after, that is i take 3 trips to the same shop (yes at the time the c-virus struck!) so after all this i ask what about the other 50 they say OH we’ll put it on another key and send it to you…. hhmm? I didnt think you could do that I said they assure me that they actually can, as these are special circumstances and tell me they send it. that was a month ago this is basically congenial theft by a large company and no, not the first time I also have NOT 1 BUT 2 gas cards they sent me that were broken and still have 20 on both so that is 40 gas and 50 electric!

1 reply

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I’m sorry you haven’t yet received this, @B00ststolemymoney, have you got in touch with us yet about this?


If not, I’d recommend sending us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages, so that we can see what’s happened here, and order a new one if necessary.