I need a new card and can't get through on the phone - what can I do?

  • 26 January 2019
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After several phone calls last 2 days and 40 minutes wait i still haven't had no joy in getting to speak to a member of staff i lost my card 3 days ago and carnt top up my account, i have never known a carry on like this what kind of company is it when you carnt even speak to anyone !!!!

6 replies

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I have tried calling a number of times today and still not got through or got a call back from boost!!
I have a new born baby at home and its freezing in the house. I have just moved in 2 days ago and there are no key or cards to top up.

and only got £1.71 left on the meter. Boost Told me to collect a new card from a local(ish) shop. They didnt have the right card for me. Should I expect to have one sent in the post? Please can someone advise as Boost are now closed!!!!! Thanks

I’ve just got home from work can’t find my top up cars anywhere have small children with no gas or heating where can I get a card from
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Hi @Sharyn121 and @faz20 (I've moved your post onto here)

Really sorry for the delay getting back to you here. We've been abnormally busy in the last couple of weeks after inheriting Economy Energy's customers as they've ceased trading. We've worked extremely hard to get the wait times back down to normal, and the call queue is now back down to around 5 to 10 minutes.

I hope this issue has been sorted for you now. If not, I'd advise calling the team on 0330 102 7517 or sending us a message on Facebook and the team will be able to help.


Heya i have lost my gas card and need a new one and they are shut on a sunday is there another way to get in contact ? Got two young children and one is autistic . any advice please ? 

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Hi @Gem2403,


Check out @Nancy_Boost’s comment above. She explains how you can get in contact and how to get a new card.


Let me know how you get on,