I have 3 bedroom property and paying for 2000kw electricity per month - is this right?

  • 26 April 2019
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I have renovated a property and put in 4.9 kw solar pv panels and all electric. I have a induction cooker (supposedly use 1.9 kw electric when used) then I have ASHP (3.5 kw) which run 8 hrs a day, when needed. although I have pv panes, according to the smart meter readings I am still using nearly 2500 kw of electricity per month. I pay approx £800 per quarter electricity bill. This surely cannot be normal. When confronted the electricity company E on they are not interested and only allow their engineers to test the meter yet I would rather go back to standard metering system if I am going to pay this amount of extortionate money for energy. I have suspicions that the energy produced by my pv panels is registering as used electricity?
Any comments would be helpful.

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Hi @kirmy - You've mentioned a monthly bill. Do you have a pay monthly account?

If so - head to our OVO Forum which is for customers who pay on a monthly bill.