How can I top up if I have credit meters?

  • 28 December 2019
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Hi I signed up and my switch date is the 9th of January but my smart meter doesn't get installed till a later date and it's saying just to use the key and card but I don't have prepayment meters at my property it's always been pay monthly till I got my smart meters installed with British gas and got it changed to top up my meter when I needed to so I was wondering how I was supposed to do this when I can't insert a key or card to NY gas or electric to top up thanks




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Hi @Chelseazxcvbnm,

I’m not sure the switch to Boost will have gone ahead if you currently have credit meters, as we don’t supply credit meters.

We can’t bill customers with credit meters, and equally you can’t top them up so they’d just run continuously. Usually this is picked up in the onboarding process and the switch is stopped.

Can you confirm if this has happened?