How can I add my gas supply to my account?

  • 27 February 2019
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I asked this question a while ago, and was wondering if the rules had changed yet, I want to move my gas too boost, but I have an ordinary gas meter, when I enquired before I was told I would need to have a key card meter or a smart meter installed before they would consider taking over my gas supply. Is this still the case?

Thanks tony

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7 replies

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Hi @tig,

Unfortunately our stance on this hasn't changed. Our systems don't support two different payment methods like this, one top-up and one pay monthly. Because of this, we wouldn't be able to add your gas supply to your account.

The advice you were given previously is correct. If you can get your current gas supplier to change the meter to a PAYG one, then we'd be able to add it.


Can you not install a smart meter on my gas supply so I can move my gas to you as well? 

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Hey @tig the advice given previous still stands I’m afraid. We’re not able to support your meter if it’s set up as pay monthly at the moment. It’s best to contact the gas suppler to ask them to change it before moving to us. 



They will only change my meter if I have electricity from them as well, surely if on the day you take over my account you fit a smart meter there is no problem? 

Your Web page says "Not able to get a smart meter?
You’ll need a compatible smart meter – you can check if you’re eligible when you get a quote. If you haven’t got one, we’ll install one for free." 

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We’re not actually able to onboard pay monthly meters onto our system @tig as we’re not able to do the credit check which is required. 

If we did this and there was no smart meter appointments available, then we’d be in a position where we couldn’t charge you for energy, which we want to avoid as much as possible.


Hope this clears things up

So I have to leave boost to get a new meter. How stupid