Forum Restructure!

  • 22 November 2019
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Forum Restructure!
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Hi all!

We’ve had a bit of a shake up on the Boost forum!

To make things simple and easy, we’ve cut down the number of topics. Here’s the new set up:


Getting Started

  • Welcome to Boost - for new customers and forum users alike, here you can find out how to get started with Boost.
  • General chit chat - news, chat, anything non-energy related.

Your Energy

  • Smart PAYG+ - help with the app, your online account.
  • Smart PAYG Standard - help for customers who have smart meters, but top up at a PayPoint with a card for each meter.
  • Traditional PAYG - help for customers who have traditional meters with a key and a card.

Extra Help

  • Getting extra help and support - everything from grants, discounts, energy saving tips and help with the energy industry in general.


What do you think of the new structure? How do you normally find the help you need on here - by searching keywords or browsing the topics?


TIP: Whenever you post, don’t forget to add tags to your topics so other people can find them!

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