Faulty smart meters no power for 6 hours and got a baby

  • 18 March 2018
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I've been waiting for a engineer to come fix / swap meter for 6 hours and boost saying there doing best doesn't help when got a new baby no heating no way of making a bottle taking the piss if thay don't hurry up I'm going to take the meter out myself and bypass it boost customer service is crap don't want to know and talking over me definitely going to speek to a solicitor about this and bad mouth to everyone bad news travels faster Definitely don't get a smart meter crap is a understatement

5 replies

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I rang boost at 10.30 am and still waiting at 3.30 pm definitely don't care about a young baby when I rang back thay say I've reported it there's nothing else I can do I would like them to be a bit more simpathic not just say there's nothing else I can do definitely will be switching this smart meter has been bleeding me dry over charging me but didn't have a choice as I have a young baby but definitely got to change with customer service like this
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rang again today they say your meter was connected all-day why was I sat in the dark ???? and rang them up 4 times ??? trying to get out of it and make me pay probley and now saying if there's nothing wrong with the meter they wont change it but its working when it wants!!!! knowing my luck it will be working fine and when they go it will fail cant go thro another day like yesurday
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Hey Anthony,

I'm glad to hear that you've spoken to the team. As they advised that the meter is okay, then I would like to think that this has been resolved.

Please call our Pay as you go team on 0330 102 7517 (or 0117 332 3728 from a mobile) if you have have any serious concerns as we will need to be alerted to these as soon as they arise. The team will be in until 6pm tonight so please call them ASAP if you remain worried.