Differences between Ovo's and Boost's page layouts

  • 13 November 2017
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The page layout on Boost is different from that of Ovo in that I have to click on the arrow at the bottom of each of your different screens on Boost whereas this isn't necessary on Ovo, why is this?

Quite frankly it's very annoying for me to have to do this with Boost's website and, at the moment, I'd prefer to stick to accessing my account details using your Ovo website instead. Considering the fact that you're supposed to be one and the same Company but under two different names I can't understand why you've changed your page layout. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Neil C It would be great if you could send some screen shots of the areas you are referring to.

We definitely didn't set out to make things harder so we'd love to get more information from you as to which pages you have the issues with and any examples of where it seems harder than it was with OVO.

Look forward to hearing from you. Our product team really are interested in getting more detail on this if you don't mind helping us out.