• 31 March 2018
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Avoid this company at all costs...I was a credit (monthly paying customer) but every month my bill arrived I tried to pay they said no you're a PAYG customer so we will not take a payment, I even sent bank transfers they refunded them and cancelled my direct debits this continued for 14 or so months until the threatening letters, court papers and warrant paperwork arrived but because I could prove they were at fault they dropped court action and insisted on PAYG meters being installed to repay a £2000 debt that they created, not me..
I tried warning them time and time again but know body would listen and to top it off I can't leave this shambles of a company because my account is in debt,that they caused..Then to add insult to injury once the PAYG meters were installed to recover the debt they created they tried telling me I was a credit customer and continued so send bills and demands for payment once again through the courts until they realised their mistake have been warned move asap I know I will when the debt they created is paid in full.

2 replies

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Hi @Notts82 thank you for posting,

I am sorry to learn of the experiences you've outlined above, have you raised a formal complaint about this situation?

If you have and feel matters have not been resolved properly, please send @Emma_Boost a private message with your account number, supply address & email address so that this can be escalated accordingly and investigated so that all lessons can Be taken onboard & learned from to prevent a similar event happening again to you or any other customer. I don't normally recommend contacting Boost through this forum's private message facility, however I want you to engage with a member of staff who can help prevent any further issues occurring whilst this is looked at.

Whilst boost and I expect everyone to pay for the energy they've used, with the evidence you say you have, as a minimum, If not done so already by Boost, you should be offered a gesture of goodwill payment for the inconvenience and distress this situation has caused, alongside a suitable workable repayment plan. I'm not saying they will write the whole lot off, but they should make you some kind of gesture of goodwill offer once they've investigated this case and found the root cause of the errors outlined.

Please bare with @Emma_Boost (or any of the other moderators you message) as its a bank holiday so may not be until Tuesday that you hear back.

You could also private message any of the other forum moderators instead if you chose to, they are @Lucy_Boost @Tim_Boost @Nancy_Boost @Darran_Boost

one of the lovely team will do their best to help get this sorted for you, for good so please bare with them once you've reached out.

Have a lovely easter and please do let us know how you Get on with the team.
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Hey @Notts82

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Like @mattj3135, we’re really sorry to hear about what has happened here. It sounds highly unusual and sounds like the problems you encountered may stem back to issues with how your meter was registered on the National Database, potentially prior to switching to Boost.

So that we can review your experience and look into any shortfalls that you’ve encountered, please contact our Social team as they will be happy to help. You can find their Facebook and Twitter pages below;

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Twitter -